our learning space:

Our classrooms are currently located at 2800 S. Massachusetts Street in Seattle. We are renting space at the Our Lady at Mount Virgin Church, although SSB is not affiliated with it or any other religious organization. This location in central Seattle invites community partnering opportunities (such as with the Northwest African American Museum a few blocks away), ensures that lunchtime can be a time for fresh air and free play (like frisbee and climbing trees at parks), and encourages outdoor exploration practically in our own backyard (with a greenbelt stretching from our campus to Lake Washington). Public transportation options abound.

At Seattle School for Boys, we understand how the middle school years profoundly impact cognitive, social, and emotional development, which is why our learning spaces and educational frameworks include flexible interdisciplinary curricula that encourage active and personalized learning.

So, when delving into various topics, the four walls of the typical classroom give way to experiential learning via our Bridges Program. Here, students walk, bike, and take public transportation to utilize the many public parks and spaces nearby. 

Experiential learning in collaboration with community organizations allows our students to get hands-on guidance from experts in areas such as engineering, construction, and the arts while exploring diverse environments throughout the greater Seattle area.


Patti Hearn is Seattle School for Boys Interim Head of School. She was the founder of Lake Washington Girls Middle School and served as Head of School there for over twenty years.

Patti is a passionate leader, educator and connector. She graduated from Rutgers University and received her MA-Ed from Antioch University in Seattle. She is Dare to Lead trained and was a finalist for the Fearless Woman Award. She is on the Board of Trustees at the Bush School and shares her love of the theater with the community.

Our faculty & staff

Jerome Hunter

Jerome Hunter

Co-Founder. Chief Academic Officer, Humanities teacher

Patti Hearn

Patti Hearn

Interim Head of School

LaQuanta Jackson

LaQuanta Jackson

Staff: Registrar and Administrative Assistant

Buck McKenna

Buck McKenna

Director of Admissions, STEAM teacher

Mary Louise

Mary Louise

Director of Student Life, STEAM Teacher

Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson

Humanities teacher

Welcome Mr. Reyes!

The SSB team had a new member join us in 2021: Mr. Fernando Reyes!

Mr. Reyes lived in Mexico until he was five, and then moved to Texas with his family. He was in band from sixth grade through 12th grade. After high school, he went to Texas A&M University for a bachelor of science degree in psychology, and then he returned to school to get his teaching license.

He has been teaching science and coaching cross country and tennis for three years, and he is excited to be living in Seattle. He says his hobbies are video games, running, hiking, and learning music.

Want to join us?

Seattle School for Boys is seeking educators with experience in humanities and/or math and STEAM to join our interdisciplinary, collaborative teaching team. We have an opportunity for a resident or primary teacher to work with students in core academic classes, electives, experiential learning programs, and the extended day program.

We are always interested in connecting with people who may bring their skills and innovations to our school. If you are a passionate educator who wants to be part of a joyful, adventurous learning environment, we would love to hear from you. Send us your resume at employment@seattleschoolforboys.org.

Jerome Hunter

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jerome has always been a keen learner and a proponent for experiential education.  As a co-founder and the head of academics at Seattle School for Boys, he believes that boys can advance beyond the confines of traditional male socialization and toward a holistic version of themselves when provided the appropriate tools. 

His drive stems from being the oldest of three children in a single-parent household.  Jerome watched his mom execute financial calisthenics while she expressed love and compassion in ways that allowed him to understand the value of hard work and contribution. 

Keeping these values in mind, Jerome earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in teaching from Seattle University.

Currently, Jerome is a humanities teacher who is dedicated to elevating and maintaining equity in education.  He believes that EQ is as important as IQ and has committed his practice to ensure that boys play an active role in their social, emotional, and cognitive development. 

He balances his time outside of the classroom by designing neural education instructional models and experiential learning projects that align with ethnic studies and multicultural education.  Jerome is a contributing member of the iNCtl (Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning) and he is also in his fourth year as an MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) Alliance mentor. Jerome continues to find many opportunities to learn and expand himself through art, basketball, book clubs, travel, and writing.

Our board of trustees

Drew Markham

Seattle School for Boys Co-founder and Board Chair, Drew is a corporate lawyer with expertise in governance and a CPA. After 14 years practicing at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and then four years as an in-house attorney at RealNetworks, she started her own practice, Avisé, SPC, where she provides legal consulting services to publicly traded technology companies. Prior to law school, Drew spent six years working as a certified public accountant, first as an auditor with Ernst & Young and then as a consultant for Levi Strauss & Co.

Drew has served on the boards of directors, including the finance committees and executive committees, of several nonprofit organizations, including Seattle Girls’ School, The RealNetworks Foundation, Child Care Resources, Climate Solutions, and Women’s Funding Alliance. She has done corporate pro bono work for many nonprofit organizations over the past 20 years.

Personally, Drew is mom to two teens. Watching her older child thrive at an all-girls middle school, where she was supported and encouraged through the tricky middle school years, Drew was dismayed to find that a similar educational experience was not available for her son. She worked to form Seattle School for Boys so that boys in our community, bringing together a rich diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, would have the opportunity to be supported, guided, and celebrated, and would in turn learn to support, respect, and have compassion for others.

Joan beauregard

Joan brings a wealth of experience to SSB, having spent 44 years working in independent, public and parochial schools on both coasts of the U.S.  She started her career teaching English, which eventually led to 26 years as the Head of five schools including 13 years as the Head of a Pk-6 day school and completing her career as the Head of Hamlin Robinson School (WA), a school with a mission to serve students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.  While at Hamlin Robinson School Joan established the award winning HRS Learning Center and the Teacher Training Program, completed the school’s first capital campaign, moved the school to a newly built campus, increased enrollment by 180%, strengthened the finances and established several endowments. Upon her retirement the school established an endowment in her name, the Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery and Enrichment, and named the playfields in her honor.

Joan has been active in the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, NWAIS, serving on the Board of Governors for over 15 years, the Accreditation Committee for 17 years, and held many leadership positions such as Standards and Practices Chair, Treasurer and President of the association. She was also president of the Washington Federation of Independent Schools, an executive committee member of Country Day School Headmaster’s Association and a member of Head Mistresses of the East. She has served on the boards of many independent schools and other organizations. Joan is a founding faculty member of Pathways to Leadership, a two-year program for aspiring woman leaders and has co-facilitated or presented at many regional governance workshops.

peter berner-hays

Peter has been a Kindergarten teacher, School Counselor and Head of School in a number of independent schools in the Seattle area.  He has served on several school boards and on the Board of Governors of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, NWAIS.  Throughout his career he has facilitated workshops for new and young teachers supporting their early development with a clear focus on reflection, professional growth, and collegial connection.

A hallmark of Peter’s work in schools is his unwavering appreciation for children and a strong understanding of child and adolescent development.

Andrea gates sanford

Andrea is a graphic designer by trade, starting her career in Austin, Texas, then moving to Washington DC in 1994 to start her own business, She Can Do It, LLC. She was full-time production manager for the launch of Discovery Channel Online before moving to Seattle in 1996 and has provided ringside online streaming video service and podcast support for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for the past 15 years. She is now the full-time lead graphic designer for HR Creative Group.

She served on the board of directors for the Snow Leopard Trust for over 12 years, as well as the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability, Indonesian Veterianary Training Program and the Center for Women and Democracy. She received her MBA in sustainable business from BGI in 2011. Her passion for equal rights and social justice led her to be involved with Seattle School for Boys from the very beginning. 

Andrea trains and competes in agility and obedience cyno-events with her talented Doberman pinschers. She is an avid reader and enjoys the never-ending but rewarding struggle of learning both the cello and fly fishing, albeit not at the same time.

lashondra hayes

dawn zedonis

Dawn graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA and received her Master of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University. Professionally, she has worked with women experiencing homelessness in Seattle, as a lead clinician on a behavioral health team in Boston, and as the Managing Editor of Seattle’s Child magazine.

Dawn is mom to identical twin boys, an avid reader, an occasional writer, and an aficionado of colorful language. Honored to be part of SSB’s founding family cohort, Dawn is passionate about fostering a community where boys are empowered to grow into their full social and emotional selves.

our mission and vision:

Seattle School for Boys encourages and inspires boys to become collaborative learners, creative thinkers, and compassionate leaders who genuinely care about our diverse global community.

Seattle School for Boys provides experiential learning to a diverse community of middle-school-aged boys through a problem-based approach rooted in neural education. We celebrate creativity, invention, and holistic self-expression.

Through the use of evidence-based teaching methods, our learning platform advances the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of boys and inspires them to become active members in their community while championing social justice.

our values:

Bringing joy, curiosity and rigor to learning.

Open mindedness and thoughtful engagement with our community.

You. Me. Us. Them. Mutual respect and compassion.

Self-awareness, self-expression and collaborative work.