you know an ssb graduate

by the way they…

… communicate

Graduates grow in their ability to express themselves—emotionally, academically and socially.

Emotionally, graduates learn to check-in with themselves and understand their emotions and express their needs. In an academic setting, graduates articulate claims with evidence while listening to multiple perspectives.

When around others, Seattle School for Boys graduates learn to be aware of the space they occupy and work to promote other voices.

… problem solve

Graduates spend three years learning how to access their own strengths and prior knowledge, while understanding how to bring in new perspectives and evaluate resources.

Through this learning cycle, graduates practice solving real community-based problems and build a resilience to set backs.

Graduates understand that all problems can be approached with the support community members and understand how to ask for help. 

… support others

After spending three years in a small, close knit community, graduates are thinking about the well being of others. As new students, they see older students and faculty members modeling the verbal and physical support that everyone needs.

Through intentional activities that require each student to see where they need support, graduates understand that all students need support. Graduates practice active empathy to think of the needs of others, and listen to those that are most vulnerable.

Every day students support friends, neighbors, family members and teammates.

in their own words

“You should try new things, even if you aren’t so sure about them at first. It’s important to be brave and explore different new activities. This is one thing I have learned about myself during my time at SSB.”

2020 Graduate

“SSB is a really special school. It’s breaking norms set by society, and encouraging and teaching boys how to be themselves.”

2020 Graduate