student life

Teaching to the whole boy: head, heart, and body

A Day In the Life of a Sixth Grader

8:30 AM


  • At the beginning of each class, everyone participates in a mindful minute to engage
8:40 AM


  • Today, Mr. McKenna’s math class is multiplying decimals to find cost of taxes on businesses the students have started. Midway through class, there’s a break to play kickball in the park
10:30 AM

Community Time

  • Community Time today is “Family Business” with Ms. Lou. This is a time for students and teachers to practice healthy, open communication around what’s on student’s minds
11:10 AM

Lunch and Recess

  • Lunch is in the park, eating under trees, at picnic tables and in open fields. Then, time for recess — some play four square, others play basketball while another group shares their favorite Dungeons & Dragons moments
11:50 AM


  • Ms. Olson is leading a discussion about the class novel “New Kid” by Jerry Kraft. We’re looking at what the “new kid” might be feeling as a student of color in a predominately white school, then talk about sterotypes, prejudice and discrimination
12:40 PM


  • In Mr. Reyes science class, we’re working on understanding the water cycle. Drawing on prior learning, we gather multiple perspectives, examine new information and revisit initial thoughts. We tie all this into actual water usage in the greater Seattle area
1:40 PM


  • There’s three different activities today: One group goes for a cross-country run with Mr. Reyes. Another joins Ms. Lou and Ms. Olson to work on a one-act theater play. And yet another group is working on a visual art piece
2:50 PM


  • We gather to clean parts of the school together before being picked up at dismissal. There’s also an option to extend the day at SSB: play outside, get help on homework or just relax after a long day

graduates reflect on ssb

In their own words!

“You should try new things, even if you aren’t so sure about them at first. It’s important to be brave and explore different new activities. This is one thing I have learned about myself during my time at SSB.”

2020 Graduate

“SSB is a really special school. It’s breaking norms set by society, and encouraging and teaching boys how to be themselves.”

2020 Graduate